‘Faking It’ season 3, episode 6 review: Halloween catastrophes

Faking It -In some ways, it was really odd for “Faking It” to air a Halloween episode on MTV Tuesday night, especially since we really could not be any further from Halloween in the middle of April. What makes this even more unusual is that we’re not sure this was ever actually planned to air around Halloween, even though there were certainly some spooky circumstances that surrounded the series.

Specifically, we are talking here in terms of a killer running loose around town, something that could have better suited another network show in “Scream.” Luckily, they never actually surfaced, but they did influence Lauren’s behavior as she left her new “condo” (she’s big on it being called that) in order to visit a Halloween party that is known more for hooking people up than anything else. While there, she got a scare when Liam crept up behind her, and she ended up tasering him and then feeling terrible about it.

This was a rough night for Liam all around, given that Karma told him that she wasn’t ready to date him again, and needed to be single for a while. Meanwhile, for Karma she was starting to realize that she could actually be alone while being single, as Sabrina resurfaced at the tail end of the episode, generating a ton of excitement from Amy but potentially derailing any plans for the two to hang out together rather than dealing with the party further.

When it comes to relationships this story was fairly straightforward, and Shane’s fears about Liam hooking up with his mother were completely ridiculous and also therefore very funny. We just wish that as a whole, “Faking It” would move on from the constant love stories every single week. It’s the same problem that “Awkward” has, and because these shows each last more than a dozen episodes a year, many of the “will they or won’t they?” parts of the equation feel repetitive. Episode Grade: B-.

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