‘The Good Wife’ season 7, episode 19 review: Is Peter Florrick going to trial?

Tonight, “The Good Wife” threw quite a few different notable events at the wall in “Landing” a story that reminded us at times of Edward Snowden while at others brought to mind every political scandal that has ever unfolded in history.

The main case of the week revolved around our old friend Dellinger (Zach Woods), and a case that ended up with it being revealed that he has enough information regarding the NSA and their practices that he eventually found a way to secure asylum in Canada. At first, this appeared to be a very different sort of case; asylum was a last-ditch move by Alicia to try and ensure that he was bailed out in some way. What we ended up learning in the process of all of this was the extent of how Alicia and Peter may have been spied on.

While Alicia was away, there was certainly quite a bit that took place. Take, for example, the relationship between Alicia and Jason Crouse. She told him that he was divorcing her husband, and of course this led to further questions. Their relationship may be somewhat shakier now than it has been, but hopefully it ends up working out for the two of them! The problem is that it’s looking more and more like the prosecution has a case against Peter, and everything is about to be dragged out very much into the public.

As for Diane, it’s nice to see her and Kurt come to terms of their future … whether or not that includes him selling off the company, though, remains to be seen. Grade: B+.

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