‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ episode 9 review: The flush or not to flush, idols edition

Julia -

There is very little that is scarier in this game on “Survivor” than a hidden immunity idol … let alone two of them. This was the basis for Wednesday night’s new episode, and a decision that was seemingly made by the dominant alliance: They didn’t want to leave their fate up to chance.

We have to say that if we were the likes of Aubry, Joe, and Michele, we would have contemplated tonight just forcing Scot and Jason to use their super-idol and losing an ally, since otherwise you are really giving them the ability to hold on to these for a really long time in the game. Instead, they cannibalized their own alliance and got rid of someone in Debbie who has been a little too quick to share information when she really doesn’t need to. Her blindside made for amazing television, and we really have to give extra kudos here for Julia on a super-smart move. She spent most of the episode waffling on whether to go with Jason / Scot / Tai or the other alliance, and in getting rid of Debbie she made it look to Michele and Cydney like she was with them. Yet, at the same time those guys are all still there, and she could go back to them at any point now.

If the guys stay together, and the super-idol fear persists with the other alliance, they could be around for a long time … but we’ll see.

There’s no question to us that Scot and Jason still acted like jerks for most of the episode, and we really don’t think isolating themselves is a sharp move for getting them to the end of the game and winning. For one, Tai would smother them in a final three, and it’s a lot for them to hope that it is a final two and somebody has to vote for one of them. They’re not likable, but we have to admit that their stunts at tribal made for great dinner theater in what was one of the most entertaining episodes in some time. Episode Grade: A.

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