ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 8, episode 18 preview: Castle, Beckett team up to help Hayley

In so many ways on both “Castle” and almost all crime TV in general, it’s a tale as old as the genre itself: Someone is wrongfully accused of a crime, and it’s up to the rest of the heroes to figure out a way to ensure that they get out of the situation without too big of a problem.

“Backstabber” is the title for the next new episode of the ABC show, and when you consider that this is a story about someone framing Hayley, it certainly is fitting. The synopsis below gives you a little more information:

“After Hayley does a favor for an old friend, she finds herself implicated in a killing and cyber-terror attack. Now, Beckett and Castle must rush to solve the case and clear Hayley’s name.”

Do we think that Rick and Kate will figure this out? Certainly, but what happens along the way should be interesting. The relationship between the characters and Hayley certainly has evolved over the course of the year. They all started out wary of her, grew to like her, and then were slightly wary once more when they realized that she actually had more of a history with Rick than she led on during LokSat. She’s become an interesting player in the show, and any chance to see Castle and Beckett work together to help anyone is something we’re going to be happy to see. After all, it feels more like the “Castle” of old that way!

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