‘Supergirl’ episode 19 review: ‘Myriad,’ Indigo, Non, and mass suffering

Supergirl -We knew that Non and Indigo were all sorts of evil going into Monday night’s new episode of “Supergirl“; all “Myriad” did was offer up some further evidence on the subject.

In picking up precisely where the crossover with “The Flash” left off, Kara Zor-El and National City were in a state of chaos. Non and his operation hypnotized everyone in the city; heck, Superman was even considered human enough to fall victim to its spell. That’s why we are rather thrilled the show actually addressed his location, since this would have otherwise annoyed us greatly.

With this spell in mind, everyone else had to act — and quickly. For Alex Danvers, this meant convincing Hank to bring her back and use his powers to help keep her mind her own. She did that, but in the process she ran into the two villains. Indigo disposed of Hank (at least for the time being), and then proceeded into her whole “I am a god” evil monologuing all over Alex while threatening to kill her. Didn’t she learn anything last time?

Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant, thanks to the former’s technology, were the only two people fully immune from Myriad, so they worked with Supergirl to come up with a solution to Myriad that would not do what Max originally planned … which was to basically kill off 8% of the human race and ensure that Supergirl couldn’t return for 50 years.

Indigo’s monologuing (for now) did not hurt her, since Alex was disposed at the end of the episode in a super-suit to destroy Kara once and for all. This was the worst sort of punishment possible for Kara: Having to face off against her sister. Will she fight her, or find another way? Well … consider this your cliffhanger! We’re not going to say “Myriad” did anything that different from other super shows, but it was entertaining from start to finish. Grade: B+.

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