‘The 100’ season 3, episode 11 review: Lindsey Morgan slays as Raven comes back from City of Light

The 100 RavenWith Jasper and Clarke on the run with Raven, we don’t know how far they are really going to get before she wakes up and A.L.I.E. figures out where she is to send her army to retrieve her. Raven is a really strong character and we are hoping that even though she submitted fully to A.L.I.E. on the last episode of “The 100”, she will find her inner strength once again to fight back.

Clarke and Jasper get Raven to the cave where Bellamy’s team is and Clarke pulls out the AI she got from Lexa. Raven immediately wakes up as A.L.I.E. sees version 2 of her program is in Clarke’s hands. Raven runs out of the cave to try and figure out her location for A.L.I.E., but they subdue her. Will it be long enough to go on a trek for a wristband to help get A.L.I.E. out of Raven’s head?

Clarke, Bellamy and the team head to the trading post to get a wristband and save Raven, but her friend has turned against her since Pike’s orders to kill the grounders – which included her father. They take the trading post by force (thanks to Bellamy) and tie Raven to the bed while they work on remodeling the wristband.

While the crew is trying to get the pieces together to remodel the wristband, Raven has dislocated her own shoulder to get enough slack to try and untie herself. When that doesn’t work, A.L.I.E. tells the group that if she gives her the technology that Clarke is carrying that she will let Raven live, but Clarke tells her that if she lets Raven die then she will never get it. In fear of never getting the technology, A.L.I.E. stops breaking Raven apart, but instead uses her to get under the skin of everyone taking care of her until A.L.I.E. can figure out where they are.

When Raven gets Clarke talking she realizes that they are planning to use the wristband to try to save her and that they will be going to the drop ship to get the piece they need to make it work… which means A.L.I.E. knows too, so she sends Monty’s mom to try to force him to ingest the tech and then lead them back to Clarke. When his mom starts attacking them and tries to kill Octavia, Monty is forced to make a hard decision and kills his mom.

When they get back to the trading post and get the device working, A.L.I.E. tries to kill Raven since she knows that A.L.I.E. wants the second AI because it’s the only thing that can stop her, but the device works and after cutting the tech from her neck, Raven is brought back from the City of Light.

It was nice seeing Clarke apologize to Jasper for what happened to Maya and we were hoping that Jasper would take this apology and start to move forward because we are honestly getting a little tired of his self-destructive pity party that has been going on for two seasons now. Jasper was a character that we really liked and while at first it was interesting to see this angry, emotional layer to him, he’s just becoming very one-note. Lindsey Morgan’s performance in this episode deserves some serious consideration during the awards season this year and hope that even though this is a smaller network, the right people will take notice of her work and give her the recognition that this performance deserves. Episode grade: A

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