Finale Forecast: Where is Showtime’s ‘Billions’ heading to close season 1?

Billions season 1On Sunday night Showtime is saying farewell to “Billions” for the time being, and we imagine that it is going to be with an episode that features Axe in more trouble than ever before. So far, he has been able to evade almost every potential charge that has flown in his direction, but we’re starting to get the sense that this time around, things are different. Chuck Rhoades may finally have the evidence to put him away for good, and he’ll stop at nothing to have it happen … unless Axe finds a way to stop him first.

In this edition of our Finale Forecast series, we are going to do our best to chart out the road for these characters the rest of the season, which we definitely imagine is going to be full off a wide array of twists even still with just one episode to go.

What could happen – Chuck will find a way to put Axe in prison, which is going to lead to him either doing something severely underhanded to ensure his safety, or to him figuring out a way to get out of New York and go rogue. We’re not sure how successful that would be given he’s a well-known figure who cannot easily go into hiding, but he could try something in order to ensure that he makes it out of this season a free man.

Also, don’t expect Chuck’s violation of trust with his wife Wendy to go unpunished. It certainly wouldn’t shock us if the marriage came close to an end in the finale as a result of his actions.

What should happen – Axe gets arrested, and the second part of the season begins with the next issue for Chuck: Finding out a way to ensure that he lands in prison. To us, it’s almost more interesting if this entire legal process happens and the character still cannot be nailed. With that, Chuck has to figure out a way to move on with his life if possible, knowing full well that there is someone out there who evaded his grasp. We know that Axe cannot just be locked up for good at the end of this season, since otherwise, there wouldn’t be any story to tell. There need to be new challenges, or some sort of disadvantage that keeps season 2 from being this same thing all over again.

(Photo: Showtime.)

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