Finale Forecast: Where can ‘Better Call Saul’ season 2 go from here?

Better Call Saul season 2For the latest edition of our Finale Forecast series, we’re looking at a show in “Better Call Saul” that has by and large by rather great so far this season. Of course, now that we’ve said that we should make it rather clear that there’s a difference between being great and being phenomenal. Pacing has been the second season’s biggest Achilles heel, since we’ve spent the past couple of episodes watching a mostly-silent Mike prepare for something while Jimmy has inched ever closer towards working alongside Kim Wexler in separate law firms (though they do still share the same building).

There are a few different places that the story could go from here, but some are more obvious directions to venture in than others.

What could happen – The biggest thing we expect to see is Hector end up in a wheelchair as a result of whatever Mike does to him. given the amount of time we’ve spent building up to this big reveal. Also, and as you heard in our recent podcast, we wouldn’t be shocked if Jimmy helps Kim get Mesa Verde back, but at a cost that could end up ruining her career if the truth ever came out about what he precisely did in order for it to happen. Maybe the two make some progress in their business by the finale, but we think it’s a little more liable that his actions cause her to at least consider whether or not she really wants to remain in Albuquerque. At some point, we do have to get an explanation as to why she’s not in “Breaking Bad,” since we’re not going to buy that she just was never mentioned since we rarely had Saul’s PoV on things.

What should happen – Jimmy really starts to get close to becoming Saul. Maybe he doesn’t adopt the name fully yet, but he starts to realize that this over-the-top character is really who he is, and he shouldn’t be trying to impress anyone anymore. We’d like to have a definite answer on if Kim will be working in her own firm aside him, and also if Jimmy and Mike can find a larger way to work together. We’d personally love to have another quick look at Gene in the future, even though we’re pretty aware that the odds of this happening are for the most part slim. (We’ve stated a few times over that we’d love to see some of the past on this series bear some fruit for Gene down the road, and give us an ending that is somewhat unexpected.)

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Photo: AMC

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