‘The 100’ season 3, episode 10 review: Raven takes on the City of Light

The 100 RavenWith Lincoln’s death still fresh in our minds from the last episode of “The 100” we wonder how this is going to affect Octavia moving forward? Will she ever see Arkadia as a home again, or have they lost her to the grounders forever? And now we have a new commander who slaughtered the other contenders while they slept, but there is one other contender left and Clarke is on the search for them.

Octavia: She takes her anger out about Lincoln’s death on Bellamy telling him that he’s dead to her. Monty finds out that Pike knows about his involvement in helping his friends, so his mom pushes him to leave camp and find Bellamy, but he is followed by Pike (thanks to his mom turning him in). When Kane, Octavia and Bellamy go to meet up with Monty, Pike has a gun on him and they are surrounded by Pike’s men. After subduing them, Pike asks for Bellamy to make him believe that he is still with him and Bellamy gives up the others in the cave to prove his loyalty. They lead Pike towards the blockade of the grounders and Bellamy offers him up as they wanted in exchange for lifting the blockade on Arkadia. They take Pike to the new commander and Kane joins them as a representative of the 13th clan.

Ontari: Her ascension to commander isn’t going as planned and her people are starting to suspect something is wrong, but Murphy has her back (he loves the bad girls, doesn’t he?) and comes up with answers to all of their questions. He decides to help her get the flame back and help her be commander, but after searching Polis and finding it empty Murphy becomes her fake flame keeper to make the clans believe her ascension. Even though he tries to resist Ontari because of his devotion for another, Murphy ends up in bed with her anyways.

Raven: She is doing everything she can to block out A.L.I.E, but it’s not working, so she asks for help from Jasper and Abby. Raven wants to reverse the pulses from the wristbands the 100 were sent to earth with in hopes that it will damage A.L.I.E. but not Raven’s brain tissue. A.L.I.E. tells Jaha Raven’s plan and he goes on the hunt to find the remaining wristbands and destroy them. A.L.I.E. asks Raven to stop with this plan, and she won’t, so A.L.I.E. lets all of the horrible memories Raven has come flooding back all at once hoping to remind her of why she joined the City of Light in the first place. Eventually Raven can’t take the pain and she tells A.L.I.E. that she submits to her giving A.L.I.E. full access to Raven’s brain. A.L.I.E. starts cutting up Raven’s body in front of Abby until she agrees to join the City of Light, so Abby takes the pill and is able to save Raven from bleeding to death. Jasper sees that Abby has taken the pill and is helping to recruit others, so he goes to Raven for help, but she is healing from her wounds. Jasper knows something is wrong and he knocks Raven out and takes her, but A.L.I.E. sends her army after them.

There wasn’t much from Clarke in this episode except at the end when she returned to Arkadia and helped Jasper escape with Raven. With Lexa gone, Clarke’s character has felt pretty lost. On the flip side we are thrilled that Raven has more of a role in this episode and coming up next week, because she’s always been a strong character with interesting storylines. The one character that has felt lost for the entire season is Murphy and it feels like the show doesn’t really know what to do with him. Episode grade: C+

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