‘Quantico’ episode 16 review: The meaning behind the blackout

Parrish -There were some very good elements at the core of Sunday night’s new episode of “Quantico,” though we are also pretty darn sure that there were a few others that are going to frustrate someone out there as much as they did us (more on those later).

We begin “Clue” with just that: The story of a clue. Maybe Alex and Hannah’s attempts at protecting Claire were all somewhat misguided, since our vantage point it was all a ploy to disguise the true purpose of the terrorist’s plot: Getting some sort of information that was located within a lab. It was taken during the brief blackout at Claire’s event. This could be something that really helps to give us a greater understanding of who the responsible part is in time, but before that we have mass tension now between Alex and Ryan over whether or not she was setting Hannah up, and also some more questions about if this person can really be stopped.

We admire Simon for sticking with Alex through most of this … though we’re not sure we would.

As for everything going on at Quantico itself right now, let’s start with the good: We really feel for Miranda, and the show did a good job of establishing the pain that was present there following some of the events of this past week. Meanwhile, we also feel like Shelby’s pain is understandable. Wouldn’t you be fairly messed-up in the head if you thought that your parents were dead much in the way that she did? We don’t blame her.

However, we really don’t care about the Caleb drama, what’s going on with Rayna and Nimah, Alex arguing with people, or Ryan coming in as a teacher now. It just all feels like we’re meandering about trying to make sure there is something going on here. It’s like “Arrow,” which established a dual-timeline structure but managed to keep it going for a while longer. It’s flawed. You can do it for a little while, but when one story is more interesting than the other, where do you think people will gravitate?

In the end, “Quantico” continues to have great drama, but at the same time the “present” timeline and some of the questionable character choices (why did Hannah¬†fire her gun in the midst of the chaos?) do weigh the show down.¬†Grade: C+.

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