‘Luke Cage’ spoilers: Mike Colter hypes up character’s awesomeness

Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” proved itself to be a fantastic introduction to the character of Luke Cage, but the question here still remains as to what is own series will look like when it premieres on Netflix a little bit later this year.

Speaking at Wizard World in St. Louis this weekend, though, Mile Colter made it clear that “Badass” is certainly one word to describe his character, who you are going to see really come into his own on his solo show. Specifically, he had the following to say (per Entertainment Weekly) about the character’s transformation:

“I think we show it in a really cool way … He wasn’t trying to be a superhero [in Jessica Jones]. The series [Luke Cage is] about him growing into that.” 

One of the best things about “Luke Cage” at the moment may just be how much of it remains shrouded in history. Netflix has done a good job remaining coy about the series, and they more than likely know already that there is going to be a big interest in people checking out the show. Therefore, there’s really no reason in their hyper-promoting something that is going to have a large audience anyway, and this way they can hold on to some of their secrets for as long as humanly possible.

With this being said, rest assured that eventually, we are going to see Netflix make it clear via a trailer or something else what to expect in “Luke Cage.” It may just be a little bit of time.

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