March Makeovers: Plotting out ‘Faking It’ season 3 and the future

We’ve made it now to the end of our March Makeovers series here at CarterMatt, and as a matter of fact, it could even be April by the time you are reading this particular article!

We’re closing things off here with a show that has definitely generated plenty of discussion here over time in “Faking It,” and it is pretty easy to understand why. It’s a show with funny moments, but also one that focuses on relationships in a current climate that is ever-changing. It touches on social issues, and intentionally tries to leave its viewers with quite a bit to discuss. It’s also one that, by and large, is doing many great things when it comes to quality. Is there still room for improvement? Sure, and that is what we are here now to discuss.

What’s going wrong – While there are no major issues that stand out at present, we do still wonder a little bit more about what is going on for these characters outside of dating. Relationships are a huge focus of the show, and at the time they overshadow almost everything else. Also, there are a few nagging issues still when it comes to dishonesty. If someone like an Amy or a Karma or a Shane has seen that lying only leads to things blowing up in their face, why continue to do it?

How to fix it – To be fair in regards to the lying aspect of this, we’re still fairly early into season 3 and Amy and Karma have been so focused on revenge, they haven’t had much time to be dishonest and also really haven’t had anything to lose. Still, we’re at least aware of the problem of the past here. As for relationships and mixing things up, giving Karma more musical endeavors (which is being suggested in the preview for the next new episode) is one solution. We’d also like to see her and Amy focusing more on what they want to do after high school and more of their hobbies. It’s possible that new friendships could come after that.

More than anything else, keep the focus on the funny. The second episode of season 3 did that, and hopefully that is a trend that will continue rather than go back to some of the stumbles of season 2B.

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