‘The Real World: Go Big or Go Home’ episode 3 review: A relationship ruckus

Real World -There are a few things that we wonder constantly with a show like “The Real World,” and one of the biggest ones is this: Why in the world are you going onto a show, where the producers desperately want you to sleep with your fellow cast members, if you are in a relationship? It’s something that we still don’t quite understand.

Also, how about we also file this under “things we don’t understand”: The show not even knowing what to call these significant others. They seemed desperate to downplay Jenna’s “boyfriend,” really to the point that they referred to him as such (in quotes). However, Jenna took the relationship far more seriously, and freaked out when he was not reaching out to her in any way. We spent a crazy amount of time on this, and also a little bit of time reminding ourselves that Dione already broke the promise that his “girlfriend” Amanda asked of him before the show: Not to sleep with anyone. He tried to blame it on “autopilot,” which is virtually the craziest thing ever.

There are some parts of this show we find truly maddening, such as the frequent hoverboard sightings that make us feel almost like this is a big commercial. Also, the tasks. While we’re all for sending Jenna home based on her comments to Ceejay week one, having some sort of injury exemption that causes her to do it is completely arbitrary and weird. Then again, we’d be surprised if producers actually do that, which is precisely what was teased at the end of Thursday’s new episode. This feels more like a cliffhanger to keep tension high. (If you didn’t see the episode, Jenna hurt herself in an ATV accident on Ceejay’s birthday when she flew off the vehicle.)

We just wish that we got some further character development in this episode beyond just that this people like to party, or that Dione really is excited about taking a plunge into the water. Dean was hardly even present in this episode, which felt like it was 90% about Jenna and Dione with all of their various drama. There was nothing that truly enraged us quite like the first two episodes, but let’s face it: Nothing really popped off the screen, either. Grade: C.

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