‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 17: Peter Scanavino hints at Carisi, Rollins’ future

Law & Order: SVU logoLast night “Law & Order: SVU” featured what was one of the biggest storylines for Carisi to date, as the character went undercover to try and infiltrate the world of a homeless shelter in order to stop a string of horrible rapes. This story put the character through quite a few struggles, but it did end with a nice moment between his character and Rollins (Kelli Giddish) that probably made a few ‘shippers out there happy.

Is there something more that could be coming for these two, or does Carisi even have romantic feelings for her right now? In speaking about their connection to The Hollywood Reporter in a postmortem chat, Peter Scanavino took an “anything’s possible” approach in talking about the characters’ future:

“They definitely have a very special friendship that’s developed very organically over the course of these two seasons. At first, they were very at odds and she was very dismissive of him. He was kind of a pain in her side. And then, it bumped up and he was sort of like an annoying little brother. And now, especially with her having her baby and how Carisi was there for her, I think it’s developed into something of great mutual respect. It’s still definitely on the friendship level, but who knows? It could stay there. It could develop into something itself. That’s what’s really interesting about the relationship with Rollins. I think there are a lot of possibilities there, and I think all those possibilities have grown from Kelli and I interacting with each other onscreen. It wasn’t like we were getting steered into a storyline. It’s just growing organically so it can go wherever it wants to go.”

Ultimately, we think that the relationship between them is something that will probably continue well into season 18. After all, you have to remember here that this show takes most of its storylines as a slow burn, so it could take a while before all of this is sorted out and we realize more of what these characters want out of their lives.

Of course, until that time you better believe we’re going to have many more stories all about what is coming up. Stay tuned…

(Photo: NBC.)

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