‘Law & Order: SVU’ boss on ‘Chicago PD’ romance (or lack thereof) with Benson, Voight

Law & Order: SVU logoWhen we first saw Olivia Benson of “Law & Order: SVU” meet with Voight of “Chicago PD,” there was certainly some tension. However, to some out there there was something that they equated to chemistry. While we’d say that this is the not the biggest Benson-related ‘shipper community out there (we know that plenty of people have wanted to see something with her and Barba), there were some out there who wanted to see something happen.

Well, Benson now has a different love interest anyway in Tucker, and “SVU” boss Warren Leight made it clear to Entertainment Weekly that while he understood fans of the pairing based on their chemistry, there were plenty of other reasons why such a romance wouldn’t happen:

“They’re 1,500 miles away … They seem to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and she has a new kid at home. I wasn’t sure how often they could get together for Passover Seder or something. I didn’t understand how it would work logistically, and I think politically there was distance between them. There’s enough coupling up on P.D. without me loaning one of my few officers.”

One other obvious issue here is that while romance is a part of Benson’s life at the moment, it’s never really been her main focus … or the show’s focus, for that matter. Instead, the produces focus more on the work that the Special Victims Unit does in New York City, while for Olivia Noah remains her top priority. Everything she does in the city is to make it safe for her family and the victims who are suffering.

(Photo: NBC.)

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