March Makeovers: Should ‘Shameless’ season 7 try something different for Fiona?

Fiona -On Sunday night, the season finale of “Shameless” is going to be airing on Showtime, and with that, we’re hopefully going to get an answer to one super-important Fiona question: Are we actually going to see Fiona get married?

Based on what we know right now, we’re willing to bet “no.” For one, Sean’s not everything that he’s cracked up to be; also, the series has done the whole Fiona-is-married storyline quite a bit already. The same goes for having Emmy Rossum’s character in any relationship. There’s already been an explanation out there for why that is the case, given that her upbringing has conditioned her to be in such a way that she feels like she needs this in order to be happy.

Could that change in season 7? We hope that it’s something that could be explored, given at this point, we’re not sure where else you can go with the character. If they just find her another love interest to spend some time with, it’s arguably going to just go down the same road that we’ve seen so many times before. This is a time in which we really would like to see the show swing for the fences more and take a risk for the character.

Who knows? Maybe through this move, Fiona could realize precisely what she needs to in order to have a happy relationship down the road. The easy way to fix this problem for her is just to have her come about to some sort of awakening if the wedding / marriage goes south quickly, and also if she is put in a position where it benefits her in some way to be single. She’s a great character who could have some other funny / interesting things going on in her life; maybe at this point in the show’s run, it’s better to just have her try out something different in life.

We know that we’ve ultimately structured this March Makeovers article in a different way than most, but that’s because we feel like with “Shameless” Fiona’s story is almost a microcosm for the show. There is a pattern of sameness thematically, and if one shifts in season 7, the others could follow.

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