‘Scorpion’ season 2, episode 22 review: ‘Hard Knox’ brings us a Happy – Toby surprise!

Scorpion -We don’t have that many episodes of “Scorpion” left and now Tim is dating Paige and Walter is trying to date Linda. Can’t these two just get together already? We also saw in the last episode Toby mention marriage to Happy as something she should be thinking about – are we going to see a proposal happen before the end of season 2? And last but not least Ralph’s University professor stole his idea and is claiming it for his own after giving Ralph a failing grade, so we will be seeing more from Ralph as he sues his teacher.

Unfortunately for Ralph, we had a few reasons to frown at the very beginning of the episode when Walter was a little too hard on him, likely taking out some of his frustrations on him over what he was dealing with right now. (Translation: Things aren’t really progressing with him and Linda, and he’s masking his jealousy over Tim and Paige.) Ralph later did have his day in court with his teacher a little bit later … and he won his case! Not only that, but we got more of lawyer Heywood Morris in the process. He acted more excited than Saul Goodman to turn out on top as the win with Ralph’s case was his first win ever.

The case of the week was something that certainly felt a thing or two like “National Treasure” lite, given that the team had to find a way into Fort Knox for a mission. Was it fun? Certainly, but in between Ralph’s legal drama and some tender moments between the two of them at the end (let’s just say that Walter apologized for his earlier outbursts), almost all of it slipped from memory by the end of the hour. We came into this episode thinking that we could be in for some major Walter / Paige story, but in turn what we had here was more of a story about Walter and Ralph bonding. Maybe, in turn, that will bring him closer to Paige.

Also, apparently Linda and Walter are now done, as he finally figured out that she really liked him more for the “sense memory” than anything else. They’re still friends, but we’re not sure how much more we will see of her. As for Tim and Paige, they’re (possibly) going to date more.

Let’s close with the biggest surprise of the night: Happy and Toby may be getting engaged! If nothing else, Toby’s ring-shopping. Is it too soon? We don’t think so and we hope that Happy is open enough to consider his proposal seriously when he asks. Episode grade: B+.

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