‘The Night Manager’ finale ratings help make solid season 2 case

At the moment, all we can say for certain about the future for BBC’s “The Night Manager” is this: The show is certainly doing everything that it can to make a case for a second season and beyond.

The first-season finale on the network last night drew a total of 6.6 million viewers, which is definitely a good rating for a first-year British series. Heck, that would be good viewership for an American series despite there being a significantly higher population stateside. Sure, there are higher-rated shows out there like “Call the Midwife,” but it often takes some time for British series to find their audience. Plus, this is far more serialized and you really need to watch them in succession to know what is going on. You can’t just pop in halfway through.

At this very moment, we do think that there will probably be another batch of episodes made for this show … eventually. It’s not something that could happen right away, as star Tom Hiddleston has a pretty busy schedule, and that’s without even mentioning some of the James Bond rumors that are floating around out there. The great thing about British TV, though, is that there is no necessity to make new episodes every single year. This show could take a break for a little while, and then come back down the road even stronger than it was before. Everyone will be refreshed and excited to dive back in.

Ultimately, we’ll have more news on “The Night Manager” soon, so stay tuned…

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