‘The Real World: Go Big or Go Home’ episode 2 review: Why?

Kailah -For our second “Real World: Go Big or Go Home” episode review this season, we’re keeping things simple with that question in the title. Why? As in, why in the world did MTV change up one of their biggest institutions. Or, why would you want to be a part of this show? Or, why are we still watching?

We suppose that there is a magnetic quality that comes with watching people act completely ridiculous week in and week out. On this week in particular, we had further reasons to marvel at the humanity of it all.

1. One week after having an audition that featured a Confederate flag in the background, Jenna tried to make us feel sorry for her this time by getting upset when fellow housemates Dione and Kailah (pictured) decided to have sex while she was in the same room as them. When, Jenna confronted Kailah about it, she accused her of being immature and told her to stop acting like a four-year old. Remind yourself that this is someone who decided to sleep with someone knowing full well there was someone in the bed next to her. Maturity at its finest.

2. Dione seemed rather pleased with himself that he got to do the deed on camera.

3. Dione apparently has a girlfriend / ex-girlfriend / he doesn’t even know whose name is basically a reference to the longtime Nickelodeon staple “The Amanda Show.” We had forgotten all about Amanda Bynes’ #1 biggest fan Penelope until we watched this show.

4. The sheer amount of hoverboards on this show. Someone must have not have seen the videos of them catching on fire online.

The structure of this show remains its biggest issue, largely because the producers have seemingly decided to abandon all reality so that they can give you manipulated tasks instead. For example, go dress in drag and go out on the town. Or, if you’re Sabrina (who had a ton of air time this week), work with an investigator to find your biological mother. Word to the wise: If you have any sort of situation or unresolved conflict in your past, producers are going to throw that in your face. Who wants to guess that Dean’s divorce is brought up in a substantial way by the end of this season?

This show is complete nonsense in so many ways … and yet at the same time, we’re still watching. This is probably going to be a recurring theme the rest of the season. Producers do a good job of getting you hooked in so that even if you do want to stop, you just HAVE TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS. Maybe. Maybe you have more willpower than we do. Episode Grade: C-.

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