‘American Idol 15’ review: Trent Harmon, La’Porsha Renae take on Sia, classic rock

American Idol -Tonight, the “American Idol” top 5 are performing songs that are around two separate themes. We’ve got classic rock, and then we’ve also got a chance to see the songs of Sia, as well. Both she and Stevie Van Zandt are going to be there to help mentor the contestants, and we’re here, as well, with some insight on the performances!

As with any other review, we’re going to update this live as the show goes on.

Classic Rock Songs

La’Porsha Renae — Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive.” Can we just ignore Scott Borchetta the remaining of the season? There was a mic issue, but other than that this was rockin’ and completely awesome.

MacKenzie Bourg — Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me.” The arrangement here was kind of a mess, which was a disappointment since he’s usually so good at that. There were just a few times when you could barely hear him.

Trent Harmon — Z.Z. Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man.” Was this performance anywhere near as sharp? It was honestly really good, smart, soulful, and complex. Great vocals throughout. We didn’t love the song choice at first, but he pulled it off!

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Dalton Rapattoni — The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows.” Was this worthy of the famous band? It was a vast improvement over his recent numbers, so we’re not going to be complaining too much over a wobbly note here or there.

Sia performances

La’Porsha Renae — “Elastic Heart.” What did La’Porsha bring to this track? Of course, she brought her voice, her emotion, and her power. It’s yet another big of evidence as to why she is a contender to win it all.

MacKenzie Bourg — “Titanium.” How was MacKenzie’s take on this track? He did hit some of the notes, but it felt like the band once again swallowed him whole. Not the best night for MacKenzie as a whole.

Trent Harmon — “Chandelier.” Did Trent bring something new to the track? DEFINITELY. Also? AMAZING. All of the capital letters in the world could not describe what was undoubtedly Trent’s best performance of the competition.

Dalton Rapattoni — “Bird Set Free.” Finally, let’s talk Dalton’s second song! He couldn’t match Trent when it comes to vocal ability, but this was basically everything you would want to see from a Dalton performance, complete with the style and the way in which he delivered the notes.

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