‘The Walking Dead’ season 6, episode 15 review: Is Daryl Dixon dead?

Walking DeadThe last episode of “The Walking Dead” left us with Carol leaving the group and banishing herself into living a solo existence. She left a goodbye letter, which was enough to rally Rick, Daryl and the others to go looking for her, but with only a few episodes left this season and no Negan yet, we wonder if this will be his time to strike Alexandria while some of the stronger members of the group are off looking for Carol.

Daryl takes off and Rosita, Glenn and Michonne chase after him since they seem to know that he’s headed after the Savior that killed Denise (Dwight). They reach the area where Denise died and find Daryl’s bike there. When they catch up to Daryl they beg hiim to come back with them and to save this fight for another day, but he says he can’t and Rosita agrees and goes with him while Glenn and Michonne head back to Alexandria. Unfortunately Glenn and Michonne get taken cornered by Dwight and his men and when Daryl and Rosita eventually find them tied up in the woods, Dwight comes up behind Daryl and shoots him. Is Daryl Dixon dead? We are hoping that it’s not a fatal wound, but Chris Hard Wick confirmed on “Talking Dead” that Daryl did get shot.

On the road Carol’s car gets shot up by some men in a truck, and they want information about where she’s from and where she’s going. She lies, but they know she’s from Alexandria and say that they are on their way there now and think that if they have Carol that they will be able to get in faster. After playing the frail female card again, she kills or maims all all of them and is able to start moving forward again.

Rick finds out that Carol left (and the others) and he charges out after all Carol (with Morgan by his side), telling everyone else that they have to stay put and be ready for a fight. While on the road together, they find Carol’s car and a trail of blood leading off into the tall grass so they start to follow it. Eventually, Morgan confesses about keeping the man from the wolves alive and in Alexandria – he tells Rick everything. He also tells Rick to go back to Alexandria and that he will continue the search for Carol and these two men are separated once again.

There was a small moment between Sasha and Abraham when they were trading off shifts, but when she smiled at him and handed him that cigar our hearts filled with joy. Also, seeing Rick and Michonne cuddling in bed and eating apples in the sunshine was a second dose of the heart swells. It’s nice to see people coming together in a romantic way in this world – it gives hope and in a show as dark as this we need hope. Especially since in the closing moments we saw Maggie screaming in pain and clutching her stomach. Episode grade: B+

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