‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ episode 6 review: Aubry’s switcheroo

Aubry -

While we’ve seen every episode of “Survivor,” at the same exact time it’s been a long time since we’ve seen many of them. How big of a precedent is there for someone writing down a person’s name, crossing it out, and then writing someone else instead?

Tonight’s episode ended with one of the crazier things that we’ve seen, since Aubry made a decision at the very last second to change her vote from Julia to Peter, effectively getting rid of a member of her own tribe. Do we think that this was the right decision for her? Probably, and yet we also feel like she made the wrong move in writing both names down. We don’t think you want Julia to know that you were that close to voting her out of the game. It could’ve been a play to build trust with her and get rid of someone you simply cannot trust, and now she has potentially ticked off Joe and kept someone else around who may not be that loyal because of her switcheroo. Still, it’s better than facing a tie vote, and the Tai – Scot – Julia group forced her hand.

We gotta give Julia some credit here for coming in and being a social force in the Gondol tribe. She was proactive, and had she not been we’d probably be doing an exit interview with her tomorrow.

What made this episode so strong to us was that we spent a whole lot of time this week getting to hear from people we hadn’t seen so much from this season. Take, for example, a guy like Nick who is basically begging to be blindsided with his attitude being what it is, or a woman in Michele who, despite bungling the reward challenge, seems to be turning that negative into a positive. We also saw a ton of Joe tonight, who would be playing a decent game if it was “Survivor: Borneo.”

As a whole, we’d say that this wasn’t the greatest episode of the season just because Peter’s days were clearly numbered one way or another based on the edit, but it is still interesting that he doesn’t quite know the reason for his departure in the final worlds. With the merge coming, we’ll see where we go from here. Grade: B.

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