‘Ink Master’ season 7, episode 5 review: Jime Litwalk returns, Megan Jean Morris loses alliance

Ink Master Jime LitwalkLast time on “Ink Master” season 7, we lost Picasso Dular and gained Matti Hixson – seems that the veterans are taking out the newbies one by one. We are also hearing the rumblings of another possible “Ink Master” romance blossoming as Megan revealed that Cleen Rock One promised her a date! Is this romance going to break up the alliance between Megan, Christian and Anthony? The episode starts off with Christian and Anthony talking to Megan about what’s going on with her and Cleen Rock saying that they are worried about her getting close to him. She says her allegiance is still with them and they take her at her word – at least for now.

Flash challenge: We are back at the Coney Island Freak Show (a favorite venue of Ink Master) and the artists are painting contortionists. They are put into teams of two and have to pose the contortionists, and transform them into something else completely with their bodies and paint. They will be judged on color theory and Cleen Rock gets to choose the teams since he won tattoo of the day last week and he chose St. Marq as his partner – very strong choice! Cleen Rock is here to win, there’s no doubt about it. Cleen Rock also gave Megan a great partner with Sausage, showing that this romance definitely has some advantages for her. Matti was paired with Alex and Christian and Anthony (who are both black and grey experts) teamed up to take on this color theory challenge.

There was a lot of really cool images, but for us Cleen Rock and St. Marq really killed it with their clown. That being said we think Sausage and Megan had the best use of the contortionists in their scorpion image and a striking color palette. The winner of this challenge is… Sausage and Megan!

Elimination challenge: Tonight we had Jime Litwalk back in the ring and when you have Jime picking the subject matter then you know it’s going to be a new school design – and it is! The artists will be testing their color theory by creating new school dinosaur tattoos. Megan is in a bad position, because Cleen Rock expects to get handed a good canvas, and Christian and Anthony don’t want to see her favoring Cleen Rock. She gives Cleen Rock a good canvas and Christian and Anthony feel that her loyalties have shifted and they are talking about letting her go from the alliance. When Megan’s canvas asks who she thinks will be in the finale with her, she says Cleen Rock, so we see that things have shifted for her.

Judging: There were a lot of really fun tattoos and this may have been our favorite group of tattoos this season so far. We love these big, bold, colorful tattoos! Anthony’s unicorn dinosaur blowing bubbles was a favorite for us and we could easily see him winning this competition. Sausage and Cleen Rock both had powerful tattoos as well that we would happily wear on ourselves like a boss. Best tattoo of the day went to Sausage. The judges called down Alex, St. Marq and Megan Jean as the bottom three with the human canvas jury naming Alex. So who went home tonight? The final vote came down to Dave and he voted St. Marq over Megan Jean and we lost our first veteran.

There was a really interesting moment tonight right after judging where St. Marq commented to the other veterans that he felt like he was letting the group down and hadn’t been serving up his best work this season. It was a bit of a turn around from what we are used to hearing from St. Marq the self professed tattoo god and to be honest we enjoyed his work last season more then this one (his stained glass piece still remains tied for our favorite along with Joey Hamilton’s Catwoman). We are going to miss St. Marq since he brings a lot of drama to the show (along with great tattoo work), but it felt like tonight was his time to go. Episode grade: A-

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