‘The Flash’ season 2, episode 16 review: ‘Trajectory’ and a Zoom – Jay Garrick reveal

Trajectory -

Thanks to the breach being closed on the last episode of “The Flash,” tonight’s “Trajectory” took a little bit of a break from the Zoom storyline … at least until near the very end of it.

At the center of this story was the arrival of our title character, a female villain who was, at one point, Eliza, a mild-mannered lab worker and friend of Caitlin Snow from Mercury Labs, otherwise known as that place where bad stuff totally always happens. Caitlin used her to help with research on Velocity-9, but Eliza figured out how to make the formula herself and became addicted to it. The rush to become faster caused her to begin a crime spree that almost killed an entire bridge full of people.

The story felt extremely predictable at the end: Barry would do some insane feat of speed, and then stop Trajectory by giving her an elaborate speech about how this was not the answer to her problems. However, this didn’t work and she ended up injecting herself once more … potentially to the point of overdose. She turned into blue lightning and then seemingly vanished, unaware that her suit and her body couldn’t handle it.

However, this blue lightning created a connection between Zoom and Trajectory, which made Barry realize that Zoom is sick … as is Jay. It was logic, and Cisco’s vibe, that tied everything together.

Iris’ … love story? – It must be awkward for Iris to know that both on Earth-2 and in the future, she’s with Barry Allen. Maybe that’s what led to her having coffee with her boss Scott, not realizing that he thought the two were on a date. Then again, isn’t dating your boss also kind of awkward?

Jesse’s exit – We figured it would be too much to add another character on the show, so for now, Harry’s daughter is off finding herself and also staying safe. We don’t blame her, especially given how crazy Central City is these days.

In the end, “Trajectory” was not an episode that deployed any sort of huge revelation in regards to the story … but it was still pretty darn entertaining. Grade: B+.

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