‘Vikings” season 4, episode 4 review: Rollo and Gisla find love, Bjorn takes a wife

Last time on “Vikings” season 4 we saw that Bjorn is doing quite well on his solo journey, but what he doesn’t know is that Kalf has sent a beserker out to kill him and destroy Ragnar’s entire life. Lagthera is also being played (for a second time) by Kalf as he tells her he loves her and wants to build a life with her, but it seems to just be another way to get at Ragnar. Speaking of Ragnar, we haven’t really seen a big storyline with him this season outside of Floki’s punishment and we are going into the 4th episode now, so hopefully some more from him tonight?

Ragnar: He has taken a liking to a new slave named Yidu as they both feel a familiarity in their positions in life – that they were born to serve others whether they like it or not. Aslaug realizes that whether she approves or not, Ragnar will likely go to bed with Yidu, so she beats him to the punch by offering her blessing, which he happily accepts. He brings Yidu to his secret place, telling her that she is a free woman now to stay or leave as she pleases and she decides to stay and offers him an herb that causes him to hallucinate. Ragnar goes on a weird trip that includes visions of snakes (perhaps he is seeing his death?).

Ragnar still has Floki problems as Asluag asks him to teach their son Ivar the ways of the vikings and the true gods instead of Ragnar. Floki now has a chance to mold the young mind of Ragnar’s son into whatever he wants. Asluag is clearly on the hunt for a new husband – could be king Harald Finehair? This was a man that has loved her from the beginning of time (this is the assumption we made from his speech to her), but didn’t have a high enough station in life to win her over. He claims he wants to be the king of all Norway and win the heart of the woman he loves, but for that to happen, he needs to overthrow Ragnar.

Bjorn: He finally comes face to face with Yol (the beserker that is hunting him for Kalf) and after an epic battle, Bjorn is victorious. This fight was pretty gruesome and cringe-worthy at times (fish hooks to the face is a bad time to say the least), but this is “Vikings” after all and we wouldn’t expect anything less. Bjorn takes Yol’s ring (given to him by Kalf and Erlendur) and heads to Kalf and Lagertha’s lands. When he enters the great hall, Kalf and Erlendur look terrified (as they should be), but instead of revealing what they did he tells them that he’s there to take Erlendur’s wife, Torvi. Erlendur says that she can go, but their child will stay with him. Lagertha says that she will look after her child and Torvi leaves with Bjorn to return home to see Ragnar. Looks like Bjorn has taken a new wife… just not his.

Rollo: Although we saw him throw his French tutor across the room in the last episode, Rollo stuck with the French lessons and can now speak his wife’s native tongue. This impresses Gisla and after he begs her to give their marriage a chance (and gives her his viking wrist band as proof of devotion) she finally succumbs to his charm, calling off her want of a divorce. These two are probably the only really happy couple on this whole show at the moment since the cheating and bed swapping going on over at King Ecbert’s kingdom is a disaster to say the least.

We really miss the Ragnar from seasons past. He was ambitious, driven, smart and charming and this season he just seems tired, bored and lost. We thought that he would be getting ready to attack Paris again, but instead he just seems to lazing around taking drugs. Where is the fiery Ragnar that we’ve grown to love and will he return? With king Harald sitting in his throne, chatting up his wife and playing with his sons, we suspect that the old Ragnar will  be back soon enough. Episode grade: B

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