‘The Good Wife’ season 7, episode 17 review: Are we building fast enough to series finale?

Tonight was the first of the final six episodes of “The Good Wife,” and we really wish that we had some more positive things to say about it as a whole. Instead, we found “Shoot” at times to be rather dull and uneventful other than the stuff with Jason Crouse and Alicia telling off a college admissions officer after Grace was accused of plagiarizing an entrance exam.

Unfortunately, we spend the rest of the hour wondering why in the world this was the story with the guns that the show wants to tell at this point in its run. Yes, this is a hot-button topic, and Blair Underwood is a stellar guest star for any show to have. It’s just at this point, we want Diane and Cary working alongside Alicia Florrick, and these people have spent far too much time apart. Segmenting the cast is one of the biggest problems that the show has had for a long time now; just look at the whole Archie Panjabi debacle.

This is without even mentioning everything with Connor Fox, otherwise known as the character we were extremely excited to see before he came on board, but now we’re kind of just “meh.” You see, he’s interesting when he is going after Peter Florrick or people in his family, but it’s hard to care about anything else.

Yes, the show had a buzzworthy moment with Alicia and Jason at the bar, but in season 7, even that doesn’t feel shocking anymore. We just feel like with the story coming to a close soon, we want to see some bigger moves and a fast pace to get us to the finale. We’re not seeing that yet. Grade: B-.

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