‘Shark Tank’ preview: Beer Blizzard, Vengo Labs, Wondercide, The Good Promise, and LovePop

Shark Tank -Friday night’s new episode of “Shark Tank” is right around the corner, and based on most early indications, we could be in for a rather-fun hour of TV! This show is certainly a little bit out there when it comes to the sort of products that are being featured, but isn’t that a big part of the excitement? You have pet products, vegetable beverages, something designed to cool your beers, and an attempt to transform something in the vending machine that has received only a few innovations over the years.

Before we go any further, let’s go ahead and share the synopsis below giving out our quick-takes on the products:

“A beer enthusiast duo from Pittsburgh, PA presents a new way of keeping beer chilled for a longer amount of time; an entrepreneur and a former aerospace engineer from New York City aim to reinvent the vending machine; two animal lovers from Austin, TX pitch safer, natural and organic bug repellents for pets; and a woman also from Austin, TX hopes to make clean eating more convenient with her line of vegetable smoothies, but will her product agree with the Sharks’ taste buds? Also, an update on Wombi Rose and John Wise from Boston, MA and LovePop, their line of intricate, 3D pop-up greeting cards that Kevin O’Leary invested in during Season Seven.”

Vengo Labs – The idea here is to revolutionize the vending-machine industry with something small, convenient, and attractive. They have made good money in New York City, but can they start to spread the love around a little bit? Scaling this to places a little less tech-savvy could be a challenge.

Beer Blizzard – This is the sort of thing that is so ridiculous and silly that it might actually make a ton of money: A disc that you can freeze and put under your koozie to keep your drink cold. There are plenty of other solutions to this problem, with this sort of name, we could see people buying it anyway.

The Good Promise – These are juices made with the best ingredients possible, and can provide, depending on the type, everything from protein to two servings of vegetables in a pouch. We appreciate the benefits, but does it taste good? This is where similar products in the take have gotten in trouble before.

Wondercide – This company looks to provide a natural solution to people who want to keep their pets free of fleas, ticks, and other harmful things that can cause discomfort for everyone. They have a pretty wide array of products, and their challenge will most likely be just finding a way to convince the Sharks that people really need to give this a go over what they are using if there is competition that is cheaper and more convenient.

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