‘Better Call Saul’ season 2, episode 6 preview: ‘Beli Ha’i’ gives us more Mike

Better Call Saul season 2For those of you who thought that “Better Call Saul” needed more Mike Ehrmantraut on Monday night, we come bearing some good news: We’re going to see quite a bit more of him on the next new installment of the show. For the most part, his most notable scene came at the end of tonight’s episode when Tuco’s uncle Hector paid him a visit to offer up a “deal” … which was really not that much of a deal at all. He was offered money to take a charge, in return for Tuco not going to jail for the eight years that was previously specified.

Ultimately, we imagine that you’ll get more of an answer in this episode. The synopsis below does offer up some more information as to what to expect:

“Jimmy finds comfort in a familiar place. Meanwhile, Kim receives a life-changing proposal; and Mike is pushed to the limit when what he holds dearest is threatened.”

One of the big things that the promo below highlights is getting to see Mike make his official decision one way or another, and to go along with that, we’re also going to get a chance to see a thing or two more in regards to danger for him. It always seems to circle Mike no matter where he goes!

Meanwhile, Kim Wexler is going to find herself facing some key decisions, and as we near the end of this season, Jimmy is going to have to figure out precisely what sort of person he now wants to be once more.

(Photo: AMC.)

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