‘Quantico’ episode 13 review: An explosive ending takes one life (or does it?)

Alex -We knew that “Quantico” was potentially set to give us a major character death during Sunday night’s new episode. With that being said, we are still somewhat-shocked with the way in which it happened.

Over the course of the hour it appeared like Natalie was in some grave danger; after all, she had that bomb strapped to her! Yet, she and Alex were not able to detect another explosion right in front of them that it did not quite matter that they were able to solve this problem. Alex didn’t correctly follow orders, and as a result, the life of one person close to her was taken away … and the scariest part of this is that it is not over just yet.

At the end of the episode, she was about to allow herself to be voluntarily admitted to psych by Ryan when she got another phone call, one that caused her to flee that scene. This was a great performance by Priyanka Chopra, and also a reminder of how broken her mental state currently is.

We’re going to mostly ignore the Quantico-era timeline about intelligence, mostly because it’s still not that interesting to watch people train when we already know they are in good shape. To us, it’s more interesting trying to figure out who is tormenting people. Also, it’s always interesting when this show finds good uses for Eliza Coupe. Hannah is now Alex’s new boss, and given the feelings that she has for her stemming from the past with Ryan, that makes things good and complicated.

In the end, we must say a big “alas” to Natalie, a fairly good character who unfortunately departed right when we really started to feel for her, and also as a result of what was a clever bait-and-switch. It is certainly fair to say that she shall be missed, even if her death served as a great function to the story and it keeps us on edge — provided that she’s dead. You never really know with this show.. Grade: B+.

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