‘Rizzoli & Isles’ season 6, episode 17 review: Who is Alice?

Rizzoli -Tuesday night’s new episode of “Rizzoli & Isles” proved itself to be dramatic; you had a main case that had a few scary moments to it, but more than that, you also set up what feels like a pretty worthwhile setup to the finale.

Let’s start with what we feel is the most important story thread: Alice. This woman has a connection to Jane that traces all the way back to the two’s days at the Academy, and while we don’t know why exactly she would be after Jane, she has the sort of connections that make her someone capable of carrying out such an operation. The fact that she is played by the always-awesome Annabeth Gish is a little bit of a bonus, given that we always know that she is going to bring it.

So, thank Nina for helping to track her down, and let’s hope for more information there next week. The same goes for Kiki and Korsak, given that some happy times could await the two of them.

As for the main case of the week revolving the minefield, it at least had enough of an element of danger to make it stand out from the field. There was a great sense of action through here as we started to see some of the pieces line together, and of course Jane did get the responsible party in the end. This episode was certainly entertaining, but at the same time we were making such progress with the stalker / hacker / whatever-you-want-to-call-it case that it was admittedly hard to focus even on a scary minefield case when we knew that there was such dramatic stuff happening in other corners of the show universe tonight.

Now, we leave you with this scary thought: There are only 14 episodes left of the entire series. Episode Grade: B.

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