‘The Night Manager’ episode 4 preview: Is Tom Hiddleston’s Pine in trouble?

We’re now past the halfway point in BBC’s “The Night Manager,” and as we move into the final installments this season, the story is only going to intensify. Pine is getting deeper and deeper into Roper’s operation, and in theory this would be a good thing in his hopes to expose him. However, at the same time these actions put his life more in jeopardy, and Burr has to wonder whether or not she did the right thing sending him out there in the first place.

The network’s official synopsis below may not give away too much information, but it at least gives you a casual sense as to precisely what you can expect to see unfold:

“Roper welcomes Pine into his inner circle, leaving Corky out in the cold. Meanwhile, Burr has concerns for the safety of her source when she suspects key information has been leaked to the River House.”

At the moment, we do remain more than hopeful for the direction of the series coming up, given that we are still by and large entertained by most of it. Tom Hiddleston is a fantastic leading man (granted, many out there probably knew that), and the show has done a great job with the pacing of this adaptation. It would be in some ways easy to throw Pine right into the lion’s den right away, but there is something much more interesting in how they have taken their time to get him fully immersed in the world. It’s far more effective as a result

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