‘Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 7 review: Does Snart put Mick Rory on ice?

Cold -Who would’ve thought going into “Legends of Tomorrow” that Mick Rory and Leonard Snart would be the show’s most compelling characters? Maybe that is not always the case on their own, but together you have some magic. Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell have that history that dates back to “Prison Break,” and you can see it within every powerful seen that they had together in “Marooned.”

If this entire episode were really the final three minutes of it, we’d probably sit here saying that this was one of the best things on The CW all year. We’re not sure if Snart actually killed his longtime partner-in-crime, but even if he doesn’t this scene was still fantastic. Rory basically dared Snart to take his life, and it came after he went completely rogue and tried to use time pirates to find his way back to present-day Central City. At one point, he was fine to take out Sara or anyone else who stood in his way.

We appreciate that beyond Captain Cold and Heat Wave, the show made some sort of an effort to go with a more singular perspective this week, as we learned more about Rip Hunter’s wife, his past, and why he bothered to try and save a time vessel that he had no business messing with. The problem with Rip as a character is that he makes a lot of decisions that don’t make much sense. We appreciate that he is so earnest, but sometimes there’s a difference between being earnest and being wise. He’s still trying to figure that out to a certain extent. The same goes sometimes for Ray Palmer and Kendra Saunders, likable people who still need a significant layer of depth to them.

The biggest flaw with this episode is that when it comes to the main narrative, it’s still flimsy. We’re on a wild-goose chase after Vandal Savage, who never seems to be really stopped. We just leap from place to place hoping that we can find him and something will happen. This episode had a lot of solid moments, but other than the final scene with Miller and Purcell, we’re not sure any of it mattered, or that we’ll remember it in some time. We just want the best for this show, and it still has ways to get closer to giving it. Grade: B-.

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