‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 2, episode 13 review: What happened to Wes’ mother?

Wes -For everyone out there wondering precisely how Annalise was wrapped up in Wes’ backstory on “How to Get Away with Murder,” there were some answers in Thursday night’s new episode. Unfortunately, none of them were easy to bear.

The good news is that it was not a young Christoph who took his own mother’s life, and it was also not Annalise herself. Instead, Rose took her own life as a means of trying to take care of her own child in the only way she knew how given the mounting pressure being put on her thanks to the information that she knew. Wes eventually found his mother’s body and called 911, while Annalise was just around the corner.

In the present Wes realized that Eve was also involved in his mother’s immigration case, which caused her to pay him a visit … albeit one that we didn’t see much of. Instead we saw Annalise trying to pay Wes a visit before realizing that it was none other than evil-stalker Philip who was in the apartment instead. Philip’s been having a vice-grip on the students over everything that has transpired since the end of last season, and for a time the Keating 5 tried to band together in order to keep themselves safe.

Now, these students are facing threats even greater than Philip, as the legal system is trying to use his footage of them running away from the place Emily Sinclair’s body was found as evidence. Their claim? That there is no date on the video, and therefore this does not constitute proof. This still isn’t going to help them much, and may be as troublesome as Laurel have to come to grips with the fact that she dated a crazy murderer in Frank who now claims to love her. Good luck with that.

While it got off to a slower start, Thursday night proved itself to still be a stellar episode, one chock full of interesting twists and turns to go along with strong character development. We’re getting set up well for the conclusion. Episode Grade: B.

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