‘American Idol 15’ rankings: Where La’Porsha Renae, Trent Harmon, MacKenzie Bourg stand in top 10

In just three days, the “American Idol” top 10 is going to return to try to win your votes once more, as this is the first week this season where the show is going to air exclusively on Thursdays. We only have a little more than a month left this season, so expect things to be moving quickly as we start to see the remaining singers in the field whittled down week by week.

Based on all of the performances plus the voting history we’ve seen on this show over the years, here is where we think the remaining singers stand. Be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom of the article to have your voice heard!

10. Gianna Isabella (last week: 14) – We’re shocked she made it to the top 10, but we still won’t say anything negative about her potential. We do think that she could be a really good performer, but she’s about three years away from being there.

9. Tristan McIntosh (12) – Maybe she’ll get a bump for doing country, but her last performance was all over the place and we’re not sure she has really figured out just what type of country singer she wants to be. This sort of struggle can be tough in the live rounds.

8. Lee Jean (11) – Lee’s almost the male version of Gianna, with the exception being that he’s probably only a year or two away. His performances have been decent, but he’s yet to have a breakout number that really makes us feel as though he is about to catapult into another gear this season.

7. Avalon Young (9) – It was really hard to choose between Avalon and Olivia, since we consider both of them on a similar tier. We think that Avalon may have a better style and sense of artistry, but she’s also a little more low-key.

6. Olivia Rox (8) – Meanwhile, Olivia has the potential to have some big “Idol moments” that will get her a lot of attention from the judges. It remains to be seen who America will prefer.

5. Sonika Vaid (5) – Staying in place is precisely what happens for Sonika following a stellar Evanescence cover during Thursday’s show, but also a performance on Wednesday that felt a little too much like something you’d see on a public access show at midnight.

4. Dalton Rapattoni (7) – We’ve been a late bloomer on the Dalton bandwagon, mostly because there are some elements to his performance style that need improvement. Yet, we cannot deny that he works harder to be original than almost anyone else this season, and we cannot ignore that he may be appealing to the young female demographic more so than almost any other contestant.

3. MacKenzie Bourg (3) – “Roses” was magnificent. We weren’t as big of a fan of the Ed Sheeran cover, but there’s no questioning that Bourg right now is one of the singers who is going to be around for a long time this season.

2. Trent Harmon (1) – While we ranked him at the top of the rankings going into the actual live part of the competition, let’s be honest: Everyone is going to have to play catch-up to La’Porsha for at least one week.

1. La’Porsha Renae (2) – Her version of “Diamonds” was a gem, and yes we definitely intended to include that pun in there. While we’d be worried about putting a woman at the top of the rankings given how voters tend to almost always favor guys, we think Renae has the talent to overcome that. Also, we think it helps her that there are not many other singers in this competition like her.

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