‘Blindspot’ spoilers: Jaimie Alexander on questions with midseason premiere

If you enjoy “Blindspot,” then odds are that you’re getting a little psyched now for the show’s return to NBC on Monday night! A lot has happened since the start of the series, with the most notable thing being that Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) now knows a thing or two more about her past. She is aware that she put herself through the process of getting all of these tattoos, though she still does not quite understand all of the other reasons why she did it.

As you would expect, Alexander teases to TV Guide that ambiguity is going to be a pretty significant theme of the upcoming stretch of episodes:

“We start the season back with a lot of questions … Whether she’s good or bad, I don’t even know yet. I think it always begs the question of nature vs. nurture. Because I think naturally, deep down, she’s a good person. She always wants to help. That’s her first instinct. But she could have potentially been nurtured to not be such a good person.”

Let’s just hope that the show continues to take a little bit of time to resolve many of the key elements of this mystery. There’s no reason to completely unload all of the answers right now, at least so long as the show gives us something and never makes us feel bored or frustrated in the process. Also, there are other characters and relationships to address on the show, so “Blindspot” is not technically even just about the tattoos to begin with.

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