Spin-Off Goals: Could ‘Luther’ season 5 happen with a (living) Alice Morgan?

At the moment, “Luther” is a series in a sort of stasis. The BBC has not announced if there will be more story to tell for Idris Elba and company; as a matter of fact, there are some indications that we may be at the end of the show on TV.

Now that we’ve said all of this, it’s our party and we can write if we want to! The goal of this Spin-Off Goals series is to come up with some interesting concepts that make some sense, and telling the story of Alice Morgan as though she were still alive is something that we’d love to see to extend the “Luther” brand while we await any potential adventures with John front and center.

Why Alice? – Mostly because we have no clue whether or not Ruth Wilson’s character is still alive. Sure, she’s presumed dead, but this is the sort of show where anything can happen and we like to imagine her off somewhere in secret. With that in mind, isn’t there something amazingly dynamic and fascinating about watching someone try to start from scratch and piece together what they want from their life? Maybe you find a way to include Idris Elba, or maybe you save him for a proper “Luther” product. We’d watch a show called “Alice” any day.

The idea – It’s virtually a clean slate for the Alice character, and we want to understand more of what makes her tick. Wilson is capable of carrying a series in a new place, one where she finds a whole new way to live and to interact … and to also see if she can learn from her past mistakes and try things differently. Even if Luther is not there, having the memory of him is enough to dramatically alter this character.

Could it happen? – Almost certainly not, since (as we said) the character is believed to be dead, and it would be a huge leap on the BBC’s part to assume that there is a strong enough interest in what happened to her to merit her own series. Granted, we’d be fine with just a singular special; as long as there’s some hope that we can cling to regarding this character’s fate, we are happy.

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