‘Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 6 review: Meet Connor Hawke — and old Oliver Queen

LegendsWe are now six episodes in to “Legends of Tomorrow,” which for the most part is enough to start to understand both the good and the bad of a show. This is a series that does a great job of producing fun moments, and excellent action set pieces.

What it struggles at, meanwhile, is having a stable skeletal structure. While we’ve had multiple stories that are cool from a visual perspective, we feel at the same time like we’re getting roughly the same sort of thing time and time again. The Legends team has a mission, it somehow gets messed up, and they spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to just keep themselves alive. Sometimes they find Vandal Savage and almost kill him; other times, they live to see another week. It’s not really a show so far that you need to watch weekly to understand what is going on.

Luckily, this week’s “Star City 2046” proved to be a real treat for “Arrow” fans, given that we saw an old Oliver Queen with a goatee, Connor Hawke for the first time (as Diggle’s son), and even the son of Slade Wilson reigning supreme in the city. It’s a little jarring given that this is not necessarily the future of Star City if they can change it, so there’s no real guarantee that any of these people still exist.

Still, having Connor as Diggle’s son was a nice way to change things up, and further the lifelong connection between Oliver and Hawke’s dad. (It’s just a shame that John seems to have died somewhere along the way.) Meanwhile, it’s nice to have a reminder that Deathstroke is still a part of the universe, given that we haven’t see Manu Bennett all season as Slade.

In regards to the Legends, we saw Mick Rory be influenced by some of the power that he had over a gang, tension started to brew between Ray and Jax over Kendra (who really isn’t ready for love at all right now), and Sara had some nice moments as she started to become more in tune with everything that happened in the town. Given that they all left and are going on to the next point in time, we’re not sure how much was really done here that mattered. The appeal of “Star City 2046” was fan service more than anything else, and while the main “Legends of Tomorrow” story suffered as a result, we cannot really complain too much for this one week. Grade: B-.

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