‘Suits’ season 5, episode 15 review: Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht kill it in ‘Tick Tock’

Suits -Somehow, “Suits” continues to get better and better, and we weren’t quite sure we would say that after a first half of season 5 that we considered to be excellent and then some.

“Tick Tock” may go down as a top 5 episode of the entire series for us, mostly because it brought just about everything to the table and then some. Every single character on the show had a fantastic role to play, whether it be Harvey debating whether or not he should turn himself in, or Louis Litt having to be talked out of throwing his fellow name partner to the wolves the moment that he had a chance. Every thought process here was justified; Harvey felt responsible for what he did, while at the same time Louis of course held resentment towards him for being in this situation, even if Louis himself had an opportunity to turn in Mike not that long ago.

Yet in the end, the person who may have turned in Mike was … Mike. After doing a little bit of late-minute work “helping people” (something that he professed an interest in doing in the closing argument), he realized the harsh truth that sometimes, not everyone who needs help is the sort of person who deserves it. He started to realize that if he was convicted, and he convinced himself that he would be, other people at the firm would also be taken down.

Therefore, it seems as though he is set to take one of two deals from Anita Gibbs: Two years in prison, or no prison time but a name partner’s metaphorical head on a silver platter. Would anyone view him the same way? Would we?

In other news, there was a moment in this episode we thought that Harvey and Donna were going to get together, as he shared a rare moment of vulnerability at her place. “Tick Tock” may have been one of the finest acting showcases for Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht to date; both were Emmy-worthy, and it’s crazy to think there is still one more episode to go. The walls are all about to come tumbling down. Grade: A.

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