‘The 100’ season 3, episode 4 review: Lexa fights for her throne, the Ark rebels against grounders

The 100The Ice Nation has declared war on the last episode of “The 100” after they blew up Mount Weather and many of the Ark survivors with it, so what will Clarke and Lexa’s plan be next? And even if they do come up with a plan together, will Lexa even keep her word since at this point we know that it’s not worth much?

Lexa and Clarke: The Ice Queen, Nia, has been brought before Lexa and the council after confessing to blowing up Mount Weather and she is sentenced to death, but Nia calls for a vote of no confidence against Lexa and many member of the council members stand behind Nia. If all the members vote unanimously, they will remove Lexa from power, but because it is not unanimous, Lexa stays in power. Nia then challenges her for the throne and Lexa accepts leading to a fight between their champions to the death. Nia chooses her son, Roan, and Lexa chooses to fight him herself.

Clarke is not willing to stand by and let Lexa get herself killed, so she finds Roan to talk to him. She reminds him that his mother was willing to let him die and that an alternative option would be to become king himself. He says he can’t do it, but suggests that he may be able to help her in another way. Clarke meets with Nia and asks her what would happen if she changed her vote? Nia assures her that her and her people will be safe under her rule and Clarke says okay… Nia is skeptical and asks if she wants vengeance for what happened at Mount Weather? Clarke says no and offers to bind their offer together in blood, but she realizes that the blade is poisoned and the battle will go on.

The battle: At the battle, Lexa and Roan have one of the best TV duels we’ve seen in a long time. Both were fierce, smart and were evenly matched for a good portion of the fight, but Roan lost. Instead of killing him, Lexa throws the spear into Nia’s chest, killing her and sending a message to anyone else that might think of going up against her. Roan is named King of the Ice Nation by Lexa.

The Ark: Bellamy feels responsible for what happened at Mount Weather and has resigned his position of power, but the Ark’s forces are weakened and their people are divided on how to proceed. Lexa has sent an army of 300 grounders to help protect the Ark from Ice Nation, but some feel that the army is there to attack them. With Bellamy feeling like he let his people down, he is talked into joining a small group of rebels (lead by Pike) that plan to go and wipe out the 300 grounders. Lincoln is able to stop them and Pike is taken away to lock up, but once he reveals that Kane has made the Ark the 13th clan, many start to chant for Pike’s name to be added to the voting ballot as a choice for the new chancellor. After the vote, Pike is now the new chancellor and we foresee hard times coming ahead for the people of the Ark as the only thing on his mind seems to be starting a war. His first act as Chancellor is to reject the notion that they are the 13th clan and gathers a small army to go and kill the 300 grounders.

There was a nice moment at the end of the episode between Lexa and Clarke where it seems that trust has been rebuilt and that they may finally be on the same side again, but what will happen when this rebellion at the Ark takes flight and attack the grounders? Which direction will Clarke go in? It’s an interesting dilemma that we are excited to explore now that Pike is the new chancellor. Episode grade: A-

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