‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 6, episode 17 review: An engagement and a wedding

PLL -Love was in the air on Tuesday night’s new episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” and in the case of this episode it took many forms.

Let’s start here with Ali, who decided that she would become engaged to Dr. Rollins. This was no real surprise given where we saw everything in the super-flash-forward in the first half of season 6, but it is nice to see how we got there. Not only that, but also what ended up happening as a result of this relationship. Did Ali end up causing more problems with Charlotte before her death because of this? It certainly appears that way at the moment.

Now, let’s move to relationship move #2: Ella and Byron are now married again! This was a sweet moment, and a rare one of happiness for this show given just how much pain and sorrow we’ve had a chance to see on here over the years. Aria gave a moving speech, and then for whatever reason we didn’t get a Mike sighting. We know that Cody Christian is busy with “Teen Wolf” and all, but couldn’t he take just a couple of hours off somewhere?

As sweet as these moments were, there more or less was chaos all around them. For example, we saw the potential end of Spencer and Caleb after he was outed for his hacking skills; as a result of that, he’s jumping ship from Veronica’s campaign.

Now, the weak portions of this episode: Apparently Melissa is being suspect of murder yet again (no real surprise here), Emily is under attack, and did we mention how much we’re annoyed abou this whole eggs storyline? For a character who has matured, it is still so bizarre that we’re focusing on something so cheesy. Grade: B-.

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