‘The Walking Dead’ season 6, episode 11 review: Rick, Michonne, Daryl prepare to battle Negan

walking deadWe have been waiting a long time to see Rick and Michonne hook up on “The Walking Dead” and it finally happened! They were at home alone, talking about their day, when a hand holding moment turned into a whole lot more. Is this going to be a one time thing or is it time for these two to become a couple?

Were you hoping that Abraham and Sasha might be a couple at some point? Well once they got back to Alexandria, she tells Abraham that she’s no longer going to be on patrol with him and that Eugene will be taking her place. He’s clearly disappointed that he won’t be spending time with her the way he has been and hooks up with Rosita to take away some of the pain, because he can’t stop thinking about Sasha. More then that, Abraham just can’t stop thinking about the idea of settling down and if it’s actually a possibility in this world.

Wondering how Carl is going to feel about Rick and Michonne’s hook up? He seems fine with it (and if you were thinking it was going to be a one time thing between them, think again), but everyone now knows about Rick and Michonne as a group came running into their house to help with Jesus. After talking with him, everyone learns that Jesus is a traveler that goes to different communities to help grow food and bring supplies. He tells them that he is willing to introduce them to the other settlements and be part of the trade with them. They decide to take Jesus up on his offer and see what’s waiting for them in the other settlements.

When Jesus and the group arrive at “The Hilltop” (which is another gated community), people are living much like they are in Alexandria, except in trailers instead of houses and things are a little more rustic there. They meet the leader of this community, Gregory, who’s a little creepy and hard to read. Maggie is the first to talk to him and she tries to talk to him about trade, but he says that since they have nothing to offer in exchange for their food, he tells her that their people can work for food (and we get the feeling that he’s insinuating that she can sell her body for food). Maggie suggests they can exchange medicine and ammunition  instead. He doesn’t want that, and Jesus asks for a few days to try to talk to Gregory and make something work between them all.

Some of the Hilltop community comes back and they mention Negan and give a message to Gregory from him – which is a blade to the stomach. Rick’s group tries to help and are able to stop the fight. Rick asks Jesus about Negan, and he tells him that he’s part of a group called “The Saviors” and that the first time they met them they made a lot of threats and demands and then killed one of their children. Gregory made a deal with The Saviors right away: They give them half of their stuff and they won’t attack them again (give them their lunch money and they won’t get beat up!). Rick and his group offer to attack Negan’s camp to help get the Hilltop man back that he’s holding captive (and kill Negan) in exchange for half of everything they have and Gregory agrees.

Is attacking Negan a good idea for our group? At this point, our group feels that it’s their only option, but we aren’t really sure why. They have been able to survive on supply runs while their crops grow and they could continue to live like that. There is no short supply of food in abandoned homes and there doesn’t seem to be that many actual humans left on earth, so do they really need to attack Negan’s group? We don’t think they do, but it’s certainly going to be fun to watch! Episode grade: B

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