‘The Good Wife’ season 7, episode 15 review: Alicia, Jason grow closer; leak drama unfolds

Sunday night’s new episode of “The Good Wife” certainly created a wide array of drama, in between seeing Alicia do some secret work with the government and also the latest when it comes to her personal life.

Let’s talk Jason Crouse for a minute here, mostly because this romance is such a fascinating character study. What made it even worse was that they were secretly under surveillance during many of their interactions, and that included a pretty frank discussion about the state of her marriage to Peter. She wants things “simple,” and so does he. The problem is that they don’t live in a very simple world, though we do imagine that these storylines will continue to ebb and flow the rest of the season.

At least there is something obviously good coming from this relationship: He’s helping her stop drinking so regularly.

As for what’s going on with the whole NSA storyline and the search for the leak, it’s all rather confusing, but we do know one thing with certainty: It’s not good for Alicia, Peter, or really anyone they are close to. The good news is that its was someone within the NSA responsible for the leak, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

The bad news? We know that the feds are still coming after Peter, and Elsbeth is not going to be able to represent him.

Overall, we feel fairly strong that this episode moved the story forward in a significant way, and at this point in the run of the series, that’s really all we ask for. There are only so many opportunities left to see what’s next. Grade: B+.

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