TV Revivals: Can you bring Nathan Fillion, cast back together for more ‘Firefly’?

The moment that we kicked off this TV Revivals series earlier this month at CarterMatt, the reality was that “Firefly” was the sort of show that we ultimately had to examine in some way. How do you not look at bringing back this show in some shape or form? It may be one of the most popular brilliant-but-canceled shows ever, and there are still actors from this show who can fill conventional halls to discuss being a part of it. Sure, you can argue that it had some closure via “Serenity,” but there was always room to tell a little more story if need be.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the ways in which we can continue forward.

How it ended – Wash (Alan Tudyk) died near the end of “Serenity” after an attack from the Reavers, while we also saw some relative safety for Simon (Sean Maher) and his sister River (Summer Glau). There was no guarantee of safety from the alliance, but everything was perhaps more serene than it had been in quite some time. As a matter of fact, River had taken up duties as co-pilot for Mal (Nathan Fillion). Presumably, there were many more adventures that still awaited the crew.

How to bring it back – This is really not too complicated, since other than the character deaths “Serenity” was fairly open-ended. It’s easy to imagine more adventures aboard Serenity, more planets to visit, and more unique characters added to the mix. Story-wise, this would be one of the most non-complicated revivals out there. This is not the problem “Firefly” faces.

Could it happen? – Here is said problem. How do you figure out the time to do this? Fillion is super-busy on “Castle,” Gina Torres has “Suits,” and Adam Baldwin has “The Last Ship.” Even the cast members who are not regulars elsewhere still have busy schedules. We also don’t see how you do this project without getting Joss Whedon aboard, and anyone who follows his career has to know that he has a lot going on.

Who knows, though? In the event the show did return, we feel like there’d be plenty of suitors in the network and digital realm who’d be interested.

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