Spin-Off Goals: Should ‘Scorpion’ season 2 lead into something for Toby, Happy?

“Scorpion” has done a really great job over the course of the series’ run when it comes to cultivating characters. You’ve got a great core group of interesting, quirky people who have such depth and heart to go along with their intelligence, and you really want to see them succeed. With that, we transition now into what is the latest chapter of our Spin-Off Goals article series, where we raise an interesting question: Is it possible to create a separate show featuring two of these characters in Happy and Toby?

In theory, the answer here is a clear “yes,” since we think the two lovebirds are smart and savvy enough to be worthy of their own adventures. The real subject of debate here could be whether or not you should separate them from a product and an idea that is clearly working on its own.

Why Toby and Happy? – The simplest answer to this question is that they’re worthy of it. You’ve come to know them and root for them, and there also seems to be a little bit of tension coming when Walter realizes the extent of their relationship. If it is thought that the two of them being together is detrimental to Team Scorpion, why not send them off for independent work? They can prove that they can love each other and get the job done.

The idea – While Team Scorpion is off stopping crises with the help of the government, maybe Toby and Happy have a little bit more of an a la carte business, where they tackle problems on a smaller scale but still manage to look like heroes in the process. Play on their chemistry, and then have them occasionally cross over still with “Scorpion.” This concept would also give you more time explore potentially some other people in the lives of these two characters who are not a part of the team.

Could this actually happen? – It’s super-unlikely, if for no other reason than that it’d be a mistake seemingly to separate them from the team. Maybe this is a concept that is much more worthy of exploring if for some reason “Scorpion” ends years down the road and CBS wants to keep a part of the franchise on the air. As it is, though, don’t upset the apple cart and mess up a good thing … even if we do like our spin-off idea.

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