Spin-Off Goals: Could ‘Suits’ season 5 lead to larger Sheila story?

We have definitely made our adoration of all things “Suits” clear at CarterMatt over the years, and one of the many things that we love about is that there is this great arsenal of recurring characters that the writers can go to in order to fill out a story. One of the things that we’ve really liked to do in these Spin-Off Goals articles we’ve been working on all month is find a way to give a little bit of love to characters who don’t often get some, and with “Suits” we had many great people to choose from: Jeff Malone, Dana Scott, Trevor, Jack Soloff, or many others.

For the sake of this article, though, we’re focusing more on Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris), the Head of Admissions over at Harvard Law School and the former flame of Louis Litt’s. We’ve already seen her play a major part this season in turning Mike Ross over to authorities, and we think that she could succeed as a very interesting cog in a larger show. For more, be sure to read on starting now!

Why Sheila? – The first response to that question is simply that she’s different than many other “Suits” characters. She really does like to see things in black and white, and she’s got a very interesting job to go along with that. She helps to figure out who has what it takes to get into one of the most prestigious law school students in the world, and also then where students should go for work after the fact.

The idea – Yes, there’s another law-school drama out there in “How to Get Away with Murder,” but we’re not thinking about this idea as something nearly so stuffed full of “OMG” moments and characters being killed off. Think of this more as a fascinating character study of how someone like Sheila stops potential scandals from students looking to do everything that they can in order to get ahead. She has to find a way to out-maneuver what are some of the best prospective lawyers in the country, and preserve the institution at all costs. Nobody said it’d be easy.

Could it happen? – For now, the answer that we have to that is “very unlikely,” given that there is zero talk of a “Suits” spin-off in the first place, and we’re not sure how many people like Sheila right now stemming from what happened with Mike. It could be a nice change of pace to tell a story like the one suggested, but that hardly means that someone out there would be interested in biting on it.

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