‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 16 review: Will Reddington approve of Liz, Tom marriage?

LizNow that Liz has decided to keep the baby and be with Tom, how is this going to change the dynamics on “The Blacklist”? Balancing home and work is hard for any mother or father, but after everything Liz has gone through being on the run, having a baby might help her find that stability she’s been looking for.

As far as the dynamics changing it looks like it’s going to get a whole lot more complicated because Liz has accepted Tom’s marriage proposal. When she tells Reddington that she’s keeping the baby and making Tom her husband (again), it’s easy to see that he’s happy she’s going to be a mom, but less then happy about Tom being part of the picture. If you were hoping to see Reddington walking her down the aisle, we suspect that won’t be happening with Tom waiting at the other end. In fact we are expecting to see some elaborate scheme being hatched by Reddington to stop the wedding.

With the wedding to Tom now moving forward, Liz is wishing that her mother were around. Weddings always make us think of family we are missing, so it makes sense that she would want her there, but can she find her? She meets with a man that knows her mother, but he says he still can’t help her, and instead asks Liz to deliver a letter to his daughter. She delivers the letter to the daughter and she tells Liz that the letter is actually meant for her. Inside is information about her mother as well as a photo of Liz and tells her that she’s alive. Liz confronts Reddington about keeping this information from her and says that she knows her mother is looking for her. She tells him she won’t forgive him for this and he burns further information that we suspect could’ve helped her learn about her mom.

Tom meets up with Gina to ask for peace and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t give it to him. He clearly wants to make sure the loose ends are tied up so that Liz and his baby will be safe from further attacks. He tells Gina that he wants out of that life completely and that he wants her to stay away from him and his family – she says that she’ll try, but it doesn’t sound that convincing.

There was an interesting moment when Reddington was trying to make sure Liz didn’t find out information about her mom and Dembe tells him that Liz has a right to know. If Dembe is telling you how it is, then you should probably listen… even if you’re Reddington. We also loved seeing Aram hold Ressler hostage with a bomb until he apologizes to Samar for calling her the B-word – Aram doesn’t put up with much when it comes to Samar. Episode grade: B-

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