‘American Idol 15’ review: Manny Torres, Olivia Rox, Jenn Blosil, and more perform

American Idol -Tonight, “American Idol” is hoping to tie a nice little bow around the top 24, and we’re getting to see all of the remaining contestants try to impress the judges one more time. Just as you would anticipate with an article like this, we’re going to be providing further updates as the night progresses. Be sure to check back soon for more!

Shelbie Z., “Work Harder Play Harder” – Shelbie is a very good country singer, but we would’ve navigated her a little bit more into Southern rock in an effort to diversify more from the other singers. This is the standard first-of-the-night performance that while pleasurable, it typically ends up seeing someone home.

Manny Torres, “Adventure of a Lifetime” – We like that he went with something cool and current, but Coldplay’s not what Manny should be doing. His voice is too raspy for Chris Martin.

Kory Wheeler, “Let It Go” – While it may have been a little bit low-key for what we tend to see on “American Idol” the majority of the time (even for this song), we did think that this was a very nice performance.

Amelia Eisenhower, “Wake Me Up” – We like that Amelia didn’t go with the typical “I’m quirky so I’m going to see quirky songs” plan. At least this was an attempt to try to mix things up a little bit!

Jenn Blosil, “Sorry” – Love the originality here, but we wish that we ultimately enjoyed this more than we did. Love the originality, but there were some vocal issues here and there that needed to be sorted out.

CJ Johnson, “I’ll Be” – Someone should’ve warned CJ against this. A good singer has not been saddled with one of the most boring and lifeless songs to ever be performed on a near-regular basis.

Lee Jean, “Runaway” – One of the better performances of the night at this point. While we wouldn’t say that Lee’s got it all figured out just yet, his overall vibe and the enthusiasm in which he performs with are marvels.

Trent Harmon, “What Are You Listening To” – We’ve really liked Trent from the very beginning of this season, and we did like most of this performance. We do think he needs to cut down slightly on the rocky voice.

Tristan McIntosh, “Good Girl” – It’s nice that she chose something that is so bold. Unfortunately, she just couldn’t hit many of the notes. She could’ve been great on a season 18.

Adam Lasher, “Black and Gold” – While the tuning wasn’t great, we actually rather dug some of the rock angles he took with this.

Dalton Rapattoni, “Rebel Yell” – We feel like Dalton could be taken a lot more seriously if he didn’t look like a cross between a boy band member and someone in a Green Day music video. This was … all right.

Olivia Rox, “Confident” – GREAT. Finally, someone totally brought it! This was somewhat of a disappointing night, given that other than Olivia, Trent, Jenn (past performances) and Manny, we’re not sure who goes through.

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