‘The Flash’ season 2, episode 14 review: The Zoom – Jay Garrick – Hunter Zolomon mystery continues

The Flash -Last week’s new episode of “The Flash” may be one of our favorites that we’ve seen over the course of the entire series, so it feels almost like a gross understatement to say that expectations were high entering “Escape from Earth-2” this week. There were so many things that the show had to tackle: Getting Barry out of Zoom’s prison, seeing if Jay Garrick could stop Geomancer, and also getting everyone back on Earth-1 safe and sound.

The good news for Jay is that, he got some of his old power back! Caitlin perfectly the Velocity-9, and this was enough to help him to save the day once and for all. This was a big moment of heroism, and we wanted to think that it could change things for this character.

Back on Earth-2, though, we could not help from getting a massive pit in our stomach over the odd tapping messages from Metal Mask Man that Jay may have a role in all of this. We already know that Hunter Zolomon (established as an Earth-1 version of him) is Zoom in the comics. For a time, we thought Metal Mask Man was Jay; then, we thought that Zoom was Jay. Unfortunately, we don’t know Zoom’s real identity yet, but judging from the closing seconds of the episode it definitely seems like Zoom and Jay are not the same person … and if they are, it is because Zoom is Hunter. Just as Barry and company made it back across the breach in the episode’s closing seconds, Zoom, seemed to kill Jay and/or pull him back to Earth-2. Maybe he’s still alive, but it’s not looking good.

Also, it turns out that Killer Frost is not so terrible after all, given that she is responsible for stopping Zoom at least long enough for Harry, Jesse, Cisco, and Barry to make it back to Earth-1. This episode was nuts, but at the same time, we’re not sure how many answers we really have beyond just Jay’s new fate and Jesse coming home to STAR Labs. Grade: A-.

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