‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 8, episode 15 review: Did Kim Fields, Kenya Moore make peace?

KenyaLast week on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” we had the dreaded “to be continued” right when it was revealed to Kim that some of the ladies were questioning her husband’s sexuality (initiated by Kenya of course). Is this going to turn into the biggest fight of the season? We know how protective Kim is of her family, so we can imagine that questioning the validity of her marriage to Chris would send her over the edge like nothing else.

When Kim is confronted with this rumor, she holds it together very well in front of the group. The women feel regretful for what they’ve said about Kim’s husband for the most part, but Kenya is not ready to let the rumors go. It seemed that the night before when everyone was participating in the talk about Kim’s husband, Kenya was okay with it, but once Kim was told about it, and everyone started to feel bad about it, Kenya seemed to get upset about it – mostly because she feels they are leaving her out to dry. When Kim later tells her husband about it, they agree that she handled it the right way and decide to just move forward.

NeNe and Phaedra feel really bad about everything, and they want to help Kim stand up for herself and resolve things with Kenya since they all feel that she is targeting Kim, but she doesn’t want to do that. That being said – Phaedra and NeNe acting out a scenario where they pretend to be Kim and Kenya throwing shade at each other was priceless and better then any confrontation they could have. Even though Kim didn’t want to confront Kenya, NeNe forces the situation to happen at dinner that night, saying that they need to clear the air. Kim decides to go for it saying that if Kenya can’t be respectful about her and her family, that they won’t be able to have any kind of communication anymore, but if she can reel it in then they can be cordial. Cynthia jumps in and says that Kim deserves an apology for pulling her chair out and Kenya does apologize and they agree that they will stop disrespecting each other and will coexist.

Kenya does reveal though that lashing out at Kim was really her being angry at Cynthia over the commercial and she and Cynthia have it out at dinner. After a pretty honest talk, Kenya apologizes to her and Cynthia is receptive so it seems like things are good there.

Kandi hasn’t been around much lately, but we had her back tonight with an update on the Old Lady Gang restaurant and they did a tasting to test one of the chefs. After the tasting, all of the ladies announced that they are on board! Hopefully one will open up in Los Angeles so we can indulge. Episode grade: B

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