‘The Walking Dead’ season 6, episode 10 review: Rick and Michonne kiss, Daryl Dixon tells Jesus how it is

Walking DeadLast week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was action packed and there was death at every turn (a few of the survivors, and many walkers). While we didn’t lose any huge players, Carl had his eye shot out and is not doing that well. Negan is on the back burner for a while now that Daryl blew up his entire posse on the road, but we know that he will be showing up at some point.

Some time has passed since Carl’s eye was shot out, and Alexandria is back on track. It’s cleared of walkers, Daryl and Rick are off on a supply run rocking out to bad music, and Denise is looking for pop/soda (depending on where you are from) to give Tara a gift of affection. Everyone’s pretty comfortable right now, but since Carl was shot, he’s changed. He’s a lot more moody (that’s being a teenager for ya), but he also doesn’t want to kill walkers anymore.

While Rick and Daryl are on their supply run they come across a man named Paul (also known as Jesus to people who know him), who seems nice enough, until he steals Rick’s truck keys and drives off with all of their supplies. Eventually they find the vending machine that they had attached to the truck left in the road, so Daryl takes some Orange Crush cans to bring back for Denise to give to Tara, but their hunt for Paul is not over yet. When they finally find Paul, he is stuck in the middle of the road fixing a flat tire. Rick tries to attack Paul, but they quickly learn that he has some serious martial arts skills – not enough to stop Rick and Daryl’s threat of their guns though. They get the keys from him, tie him up and leave with the truck, but not before Daryl tells Paul what he thinks of him, and it isn’t pretty (but it is hilarious!)

As they drive closer to their camp they hear a thump and realize that Paul is on their roof – not good. After a pretty serious fight where Daryl punches Paul in the face, and Paul saves him from an walker attack, their truck full of supplies rolls backwards into a lake and disappears. With Paul being knocked out cold by Daryl, they decide to bring him back to the camp for Denise to take a look at him.

For all of those out there shipping Michonne and Rick – tonight’s opening scene was definitely a glimpse into the future of what it could be like for them: At home with a baby, one eyed Carl giving teenage attitude and a hand touch before leaving for work. The end of the episode left us with Michonne and Rick on the couch looking after the baby and talking about their day. They held hands, kissed and a lot more (we will leave that to your imaginations). We have our Michonne and Rick connection!

This was easily the funniest episode of “The Walking Dead” we’ve ever seen (first time we actually laughed out loud at this show), with most of the best lines delivered courtesy of Daryl Dixon. There may not have been a lot of action tonight, but this was a really fun episode with some laughs and romance. Episode grade: A

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